World Fuel Cells – An Industry Profile with Market Prospects to 2010

Categories: Energy and Natural Resources, Energy Storage, Fuel Cells

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The first edition of World Fuel Cells - Market Prospects to 2010 examines the development of the fuel cell business to 2010. The report analyses the trends in markets, technologies and industry structure and profiles all the major players. World Fuel Cells - Market Prospects to 2010 includes a fuel cell industry overview, market figures and forecasts to 2010, with analysis, a review of fuel cell technology, company profiles of key fuel cell developers and a directory of manufacturers. The market report is designed to assist with business plans, R&D and manufacturing strategies. It will be an indispensable aid for managers responsible for business development, technology assessment and market research.

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Table of Contents

Fuel Cell Industry Overview
Market Figures and Forecasts to 2010
Market and Application Analysis
Fuel Cell Technology Review
Profiles of Fuel Cell Equipment and Component Manufacturers
Directory of Companies/Organisations