The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Review of the Indian Coal Market

Categories: Coal, Energy and Natural Resources, Fossil Fuels

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We are releasing a study on "The Coal Resource: A Comprehensive Review of Indian Coal Market" which comes with data pack, maps and coal price calculator.

The primary dimensions of the report focuses on the ground realities of the industry supported by updated statistical facts. Furthermore, it captures major supplier wise global and domestic pricing trends, global coal sourcing options for India and distance charges, coal competitiveness and soaring options for various consumers.

The report also entails the evacuation and washing infrastructure options, snapshot of key details of coal assets - CIL & captive and economic evaluation of a coal portfolio for power sector, which will cater the desired solutions by the industry experts & professionals.

Highlights of The Coal Resource:

- A compendium of Indian and Global Coal market analysis for informed decision-making
- Major Supplier wise global and domestic pricing trends
- Global Coal sourcing options for India and distance charges
- Coal competitiveness and Sourcing Options for various consumers
- Evacuation and washing Infrastructure options and availability
- Market interventions through policy, competition and technology
- Snapshot of key details of coal assets-CIL and captive
- Economic evaluation of a coal portfolio for power

Key Deliverables:

- The Coal Resource : A Comprehensive Review of Indian Coal Market (Hard Format)
- Data Pack on Captive Coal Assets (both allotted and remaining) - detailing key physical and technical specifications (Excel & Hard Format)
- Data Pack on key CIL/SCIL Assets (existing and upcoming) - detailing key specifications along with consumer (Excel Format)
- Data Pack on source wise monthly global coal price trend and freight charges from 2012-2015 (Excel Format)
- Data Pack on Power Project wise Coal Deliveries (Excel Format)
- Historical Data Pack of E-Auction Subsidiary-wise Trend (Excel Format)
- Map of Key ports and Rail corridors along with major Coalfields (Soft Format)
- Basic Delivered Coal Price calculator for domestic, imported and blended coal (Excel Format)

Table of Contents

Section I: Coal Mining in India: An Introduction

1. Indian coal market value chain
- Domestic Coalfields and Reserves
- Market structure assessment - Elephant vs Dragon (India vs China)
- Recent Changes & Current Framework

Section II: Domestic Supply Options

2. Coal India Ltd and SCCL
- Physical Performance:
- - Subsidiary wise /coal?eld wise / grade wise coal production trend (FY11-FY15)
- - Expected future production trends FY16-FY20
- - Production & Cost review of critical coal assets
- Technological Up-gradation- Subsidiary wise details
- Supply dynamics:
- - Current and expected supplies (FY20)
- - - End use sector wise
- - - E-auction trends subsidiary wise
- - - Coal type wise (Coking / Non-Coking)
- - Mode of Dispatch- Rail vs Road
- - Subsidiary wise: Coal linkage rationalization details
- Roadblocks & Challenges
- - Contractual issues
- - Project development issues and impact on production- subsidiary wise details of factors stalling growth
- - Coal theft and illegal diversion
- - Review of coal pricing- domestic vis-a-vis imported
- - Impact Analysis: shifting to linkage auction

3. Captive Mining in India- Changing Hands
- Auction vs allotment route - Market implications
- As is auction scenario- blocks allocated under various schedules to end use sectors
- Captive mining production trend (Project Wise)
- - Present (1997-2015)
- - Expected FY16-FY20
- Captive mine lifecycle
- - Milestone development and cause analysis of delays
- - Cost analysis of development
- - Adoption of Business models

4. Coal Washing
- Coal washing technology
- Coal washing infrastructure - both existing and upcoming till FY20
- - CIL
- - Others
- Advantage of using washed coal for consumers

5. Domestic Evacuation Infrastructure
- Domestic coal transportation evaluation
- - Rail - key corridors
- - Road
- - In-land waterways
- Domestic freight matrix - analysing suitable option for different consumers

Section II: Global Supply Options

6. Global Supply Centres for India: An Evaluation
- Indonesia
- Australia
- South Africa
- Mozambique
- Others

7 . Global Coal Portfolio of Major Indian Companies
- Acquisition of assets - reserve base/major deals
- Entry mode options
- Expected investments in foreign acquisitions

8. Evacuation Infrastructure
- Major coal handling ports
- Freight charges from various export destinations FY12-FY15

Section IV: Consumer Dynamics

9. Demand Trends-Consumer Type Wise Present and Expected till FY20
- Coking
- Non-coking

10. Imported Coal Trend-Present and Expected till FY20
- Coal type wise coal imports in India
- Major coal import destinations in India
- Country wise coal exports to India

11. Coal Pricing Trends
- Domestic - coal pricing structure including taxation and royalty for different users
- Global coal price trend
- Price variation in imported and CIL coal

12. Economic Evaluation Of Key Consumers: Understanding Cost Affordability vis-a-vis Other Fuels
- Power: Overview, recent developments, issues and economics
- Iron & Steel: Overview, recent developments, issues