Future of Rechargeable Batteries – Beyond Li-ion (Technical Insights)

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This study covers the development of different battery chemistries including lead-based, lithium-based, sodium-based, nickel-based, zinc-based and flow batteries. The study also analyses the application sectors that employ these batteries, mainly automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, consumer electronics and utility-grid, and the innovations occurring in each sector. Also included are recent events with regards to technology management strategies, and a technology roadmap summarizing the growth of battery technologies between 2015-2020.

A zinc-based battery is a mature technology that employs zinc as the cathode. The zinc-based battery segment is largely dominated by primary type batteries, especially zinc-carbon and zinc- manganese dioxide (alkaline battery). Rechargeable zinc-based batteries is still a niche segment and a nascent market, with most developments concentrating on rechargeable alkaline battery or zinc-air.

The lead-based battery is one of the oldest rechargeable batteries in the world. The lead-based battery industry has invested a huge amount of money in research and development to compete with newer batteries (such as lithium-based and nickel) to improve functionalities, such as, start-stop functionality, and to combine lead- based battery with different technologies (for example supercapacitors), especially for automotive applications.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
  • Technical Insights - Research Process and Methodology
  • Key Findings
  • Summary of Battery Properties
  • Mapping of Battery Types vs. Application Sectors
2. Technology Snapshot and Challenges

3. Application Landscape
  • Automotive - Industry snapshot
  • Automotive - Current and Forecasted Market Share
  • Automotive - Research and Development Snapshot
  • Healthcare - Industry snapshot
  • Healthcare - Current and Forecasted Market Share
  • Healthcare - Research and Development Snapshot
  • Telecommunications - Industry snapshot
  • Telecommunications - Current and Forecasted Market Share
  • Telecommunications - Research and Development Snapshot
  • Consumer Electronics - Industry snapshot
  • Consumer Electronics - Current and Forecasted Market Share
  • Consumer Electronics - Research and Development Snapshot
  • Utility-Grid - Industry snapshot
  • Utility-Grid - Current and Forecasted Market Share
  • Utility-Grid - Research and Development Snapshot
4. Technology Management Strategy
  • Technology Licensing
  • Commercial Partnership
  • Spin-off
  • Merger/Acquisition
5. The Roadmap
  • Emerging Technology Roadmap
6. Appendix
  • Some Key Patents
  • Contact Details
  • Legal Disclaimer