Angola – Power Sector Report

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This report provides a comprehensive industry profile, analysis and outlook of Angola’s power sector. Despite its second place in the ranking of the biggest producers of oil in Sub-Saharan Africa, Angola does not consume what it produces. The vast oil resources constitute 97% of the country’s exports. Energy sector contributes the tiny 0.16 % to the national economy in Angola. Its installed capacity of under-1800 MW makes Angola one of the smallest producers of electricity in Southern Africa region. Hydropower is the dominant source of electricity in the country. However, the hydropower potential of approximately 18 Gigawatts (GW), is currently massively underexploited. The increased power generation in the foreseeable future is to come from natural gas that is currently being drilled. The government intends to use it for power generation instead of flaring it.

The report provides a SWOT analysis, full overview of the power sector and its segments with a focus on the sector’s growth and value. It analyses the country’s thermal (e.g. gas and oil) and renewable energy sources including solar (photovoltaic) energy and wind energy. It analyses the sector’s potential, scrutinizes the country’s energy security, its electricity supply and demand structure. It gives and overview of the national electrification program, as well as regional interconnection. It summarizes recent developments in the sector including the major projects, companies and investors. It outlines the main factors driving growth in the sector, as well as gives details on capital and financing. The Report explains the sectoral policy and regulatory environment in the country and provides an assessment of the risks and challenges in the sector for domestic and foreign investors. Finally, it provides market trends and outlook.

The report draws on national and international data, statistics, media reports and industry insights. It is useful to domestic and international investors, policy-makers, businesses and research institutions in understanding investment opportunities, risks and challenges, legal and business environment in Angola.

Table of Contents

1. Angola: Country Brief

2. Sector overview
- Industry Profile
- Sector Challenges
- Sector Potential
- Energy Security
- Electricity Supply Structure
- Energy consumption and demand
- Electrification program
- Average Electricity Tariffs
- Electricity Transmission

3. Recent Developments
- Angola to separate its energy sector activities
- Investments in Power Sector Needed
- Angola-Cuba Energy Co-operation
- Brazil offers $2 billion credit for energy and construction
- Angola LNG shutdown to last until mid-2015

4. Energy sources
- Hydro Energy
- Thermal energy
- - Oil
- - Thermal power from Oil
- - Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
- Renewable energy
- - Solar (Photovoltaic) Energy
- - Wind Energy

5. Regional Interconnection

6. Leading companies
- Empresa Nacional de Electricidade de Angola (ENE)
- Sonangol

7. Drivers of growth

8. Efficiency of Infrastructure

9. Capital and financing

10. Cost and Availability of Labor

11. Foreign Investment

12. Policy and Regulatory Environment
- Regulatory Bodies
- Energy Priorities
- National Development Plan
- National Power Security Strategy
- Electricity Sector Transformation Program (PTSE)
- Electricity Law
- Renewable Energy Law and Policy

13. Risk and Challenges

14. Market Trends & Outlook

List of Figures:
Figure 1: Country statistics
Figure 2: GDP Rate Growth Comparisons and Forecast
Figure 3: Angola’s Exports and Imports, 2012-2017
Figure 4: Installed Capacity vs. Suppressed Demand, 2013
Figure 5: Annual growth in energy sector, 2007-2013
Figure 6: Energy Mix in Angola, 2013
Figure 7: Demand and Supply in Southern African Power Pool, 2011-2012
Figure 8: Trends in Energy consumption in Angola, 2000-2013
Figure 9: Trends in Angola's Domestic Oil Produciton and Consumption 2004 - 2013
Figure 10: Average Electricity Tariff in Southern Africa, 2012-2013
Figure 11: Fuel prices in Angola $US, 2014
Figure 12: Cumulative Installed Hydro Power Capacity
Figure 13: Angola’s hydro power generation projects
Figure 14: Angola’s water basins/potential capacity
Figure 15: Cumulative Installed Thermal Capacity
Figure 16: Annual Thermal Power Generation
Figure 17: Angola's oil exports by country, 2012
Figure 18: Top Angolan Foreign Investors