2016 Germany: Diesel Fuel-Products Forecast report

Categories: Energy and Natural Resources, Fossil Fuels, Gasoline and Diesel, Oil

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The 2016 Germany: Diesel Fuel-Products Forecast report (ISIC 47) analyzes the products sales in the total retail industry for the period 2009 through 2017.

This report provides the most accurate Products Forecasts based on proprietary economic models. The forecasts project the number of enterprises, establishments, products sales and employment for 2016 and 2017 using regression analysis.

The report features an exclusive national trends overview chapter (with forecasts on the country's GDP and economic performance). The second section provides estimates on the national size of the industry (products sales, enterprises, establishments, and employment) broken down by employee size of establishments. The products sales estimates are translated into a number of exchange rates (Euros, U.S. Dollars, U.K. Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan). The final section features regional area estimates on 2015 products sales for every NUTS3 defined region and broken down by employee size of establishment.

All our Products Forecast reports are available in electronic (PDF) and hard copy formats.

Table of Contents

Industry Definitions
Industry Section Definition
Industry Division Definition
Industry Class Definition
Country National Trends
Gross Domestic Product (Currency-Millions)
Gross Domestic Product (% Change)
Government Debts, Deficits and Tax Revenue (Totals and % Change)
Inflation and Per Capita (Totals and % Change)
Exports of Goods and Services
Imports of Goods and Services
Unemployment and Labor Force Participation
Population (Total and Change)
Country Industry Trends
Enterprises, Establishments & Product Sales Trends
Non-Employer Establishments
Total Product Sales (Millions) by Exchange Rate
Industry Trends (Product Sales & Establishments) (CHART)
2015 Employee Size of Establishment Breakouts
Country Industry Regional Data
2015 Industry Product Sales (Mill. Euros) (Projected)
2015 Industry Product Sales (Mill. US$) (Projected)